LSC E-Transfer Instructions:

  1. In your established electronic bank account add the following email address for e-transfers for London Spiritualist Church
    • Security Question: Whatever you would like......the passwords will never change.
    • password will always be "LSC"
    • if your bank requires a six digit password please use "LSC123"

  2. In the comments field you will ALWAYS include your name.
    Listed below - purpose you are sending funds to the church:
    • Sunday Service Donation - which will be recorded and a tax receipt will be provided at the end of the year (in use only for pandemic situation),
    • Charitable Donation - a one time donation that will receive a separate tax receipt at the end of the year (or if you are away from LSC for an extended length of time),
    • Workshop - hold your name/place in a workshop roster, monies to be received prior to the announced workshop cut off date, only a portion of the monies will be refunded if you choose to cancel your attendance.
    • Music & Messages - if this event was held at church the admission is $20.00. During the pandemic we will continue these events on ZOOM. A separate ZOOM url will be provided to you to attend once your admission has been received. Please include your email address to receive the additional information.

  3. If you are not a member of the London Spiritualist Church please include your email address in the comments field.

  4. Please note that tax receipts will not be issued for workshops or Music and Message nights.

  5. An example of what we are looking for when you are sending us an e-transfer below:

  6. ***Note: If the instructions are not followed, we cannot process your e-transfer***