Spiritual Development Class

***Classes will resume in September 2022.**

Our regular Sunday services and various workshops have been ongoing via live streaming as well as in person. It is important to maintain that virtual presence for those who are unable to attend our physical church location. It is essential for all to have access to the worship offered by the London Spiritualist Church.

All Covid protocol requirements have been removed for in-person services. Wearing a mask will remain optional and all will be respected for their decision.

We look forward to visiting with all of those who can attend in person and with continuing our virtual relationship with those on-line via Zoom.


Rev Doug Eyre
President LSC

"We are a scent-free class."

During the winter, if class is cancelled due to poor weather conditions,
cancellation will be posted here by 6:00 P.M.

Click here for instuctions on how to e-transfer a donation.

London Spiritualist Church
76 Doulton Street
London, ON


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