The church was founded March 1, 1977. Over the years as committee members deemed beneficial, the bylaws were amended to re-structure the composition of the committee, related responsibilities and/or the term to be served. Bi-annual elections are held in odd numbered years, with committee members elected by the general membership.

All committee members volunteer their personal time, energy and expertise to ensure the continued, harmonious success of the London Spiritualist Church. Remember to acknowledge their generous contributions with an occasional, sincere 'thank you'. Without them, we would not have a church.

Picture of Irene Perkins

Our founding president, Reverend Irene Perkins together with her husband Norm, worked tirelessly and selflessly for over two decades, creating a loving, welcome atmosphere for all. Thanks to their excellent foundation, the London Spiritualist Church continues to offer a sanctuary where like-minded people can unite and evolve in their spiritual understanding. May our love and gratitude be with them always.

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London Spiritualist Church
76 Doulton Street
London, ON


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