In Loving Memory

Our prayers are with you. May you walk in everlasting light, love and serenity, progressing ever onward through higher realms.

Name Association Transition
Rev. Irene Perkins Founding President 2 January 2011
Bob Masschelein Serving Medium 22 March 2008
Heather Jones Serving Medium/Advisor 11 February 2014
Bryan Ruston
Listen to Bryan's Memorial Service
Booking Secretary 17 April 2015
George Boate Member October 2007
Margaret Clarke Past President March 2005
Joe Clarke Healer and Committee Member May 2018
Rev. Effie McMullen Serving Medium August 2005
Frank Ricketts Past President February 2004
Shirley Marlow Member July 2002
George Fotheringham Past Treasurer March 2002
Paul Audette Founding Member 2001
Ulrich Steffens Member August 1999
Norman Perkins Founding Treasurer August 1998
Joe Sydorko Member/Serving Medium September 2015
Sheila Read Organist/Member January 4, 2015
Connie Philp Member 31 May 2018

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London Spiritualist Church
76 Doulton Street
London, ON


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