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Here is a list of books which our church members have found beneficial to growing their knowledge of spiritualism. Click on the picture of the book you are interested in to obtain more information.

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"Becoming A Spiritualist"
Author: H. Gordon Burroughs
First written in 1962, this work was privately published by the author and reprinted several times over the years. "The chapters of this book set forth the fundamental doctrines of Spiritualism. They present the teachings paramount to becoming a spiritualist. My life has been devoted to presenting Spiritualism as a philosophy, and in demonstrating through spiritual healing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other aspects of psychic power, some of the phases of spiritualism as a science."
H. Gordon Burroughs

"Beautiful Journey"
Author: Heather Jones
This book deals with many key Spiritualist concepts, including the Seven Principles, transition of life, development circles, spiritual healing and discovering inner harmony.
It was a loving, helpful guide to the world of spiritualism. The book was very "hands on" for me and I found I could apply many things from it to my personal daily life. It made me feel good after I read it.

"The Unquiet Dead"
Author: Dr. Edith Fiore
A psychiatrist using hypnotherapy found the root of a persons personality change was the result of a spirit making home in a man who had undergone heart surgery. Interesting and easy read for people wondering if 'Attachments' are truly possible. Read the book and make up your own mind. Along the line of Dr.Weiss's books, but written much earlier.

"Lessons from the Light"
Author: George Anderson
His description of the afterworld, and accounts of what happens
to us when we die, come straight from his discernment
of what souls on the other side tell him.

"Walking in the Garden of Souls"
Author: George Anderson
Someday we will return to a place of unfathomable beauty, where we live amongst all the beings we have ever loved, promises George Anderson author of Walking in the Garden of Souls. "It is a place we will see again only after our lifetime of struggle, hardship and hurt has earned us the reward of true and final peace." Our task is not to simply muddle through, waiting for our ticket to Eden, cautions Anderson. Rather, we must set out to create "a Garden on earth while we are here," meaning we must cultivate the same life we yearn for in the hereafter.

"Soul Travel"
Author: Albert Taylor
Through extensive research and experimentation, Taylor learned to control his incredible flights of "soul travel", enabling him to move beyond our physical plane, go to distant places, communicate with the dead, and gain psychic insights and miraculous healing power. Ultimately, he came to a deeper understanding of his own role on Earth, and the meaning of life and death. Now, Taylor shares his remarkable journey of discovery and shows how we too can develop this phenomenal ability, offering striking proof of dimensions beyond our own.

"Many Lives, Many Masters"
Author: Brian Weiss
I found this to be a wonderful book as it addressed the question of reincarnation through the scientific method. Dr. Weiss begins as a skeptic and through the treatment of a patient, comes to believe that reincarnation is valid. The patient is helped to end treatment by discovering past lives and their affect on her current life situation. Master spirits are channeled and Dr. Weiss discovers valuable knowledge about "immortality and the true meaning of life".
In my opinion, this is an excellent book for those who question the validity of reincarnation and I highly reccomend it.

"Journey of Souls"

"Destiny of Souls"
Author: Michael Newton, Ph.D.
These 2 books are remarkable and they endeavor to discover the mystery of life in the spirit world, after death on Earth. Through deep hypnosis, people describe how it feels to die, who meets us at death, what the spirit world is like, our spirit guides and much more about this life and the next. They are fantastic and enlightening to read.

"The Shack"
Author: William Paul Young
If you haven't read this wonderful story by William Paul Young, you have missed a great fiction work. Being a very strict Baptist, he became disillussioned with some of the traditional concepts and restrictions formal religion was built on. He wrote this book as a story about God (a large black woman who loved to cook), the Holy Spirit (a somewhat mischievious sprite) and Jesus (a kind of normal guy who told it like it was) to help his children understand the concepts of our higher power and the journey we are all on. Many great messages for all readers.

"My Song, Your Song; A Journey Home"
Author: Elaine Shannon
Your song is forever changing as you change. Love of life, love of all that is, is a very sweet melody. Your song is so sweet; sing it gently to all that can hear it. This lifetime is a treasure chest of notes put together to make a wonderful song of love, keep putting out those love notes for all to hear and the notes may help in someones else's melody. My love is boundless and forever, so the song of everyone's lives is beautiful to my ears and my heart. Your song joins in the melody of my song to make a beautiful symphony. The music of the orchestra plays on and on and makes the most wonderful tone, the hymn of life. Life and love a wonderful expression of music, the sould of who we are to each other. There can be no song at all unless we bring our own notes to the music. Peace and joy be with you as you sing your song to me. God.
Who are you?

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